As stated in our Core Values,

We are committed to magnifying the praise and glory of God by delighting in His salvation and service while calling others to do the same. We will meet together with God weekly to worship Him, to confess Him, to hear from Him and to fellowship with Him around the table to which He calls us. We recognize this weekly meeting is a foretaste of the glory yet to be revealed.

~CRC Core Value #3

On Sunday Mornings you’ll find us gathering together for worship. Below you’ll find more information about our Sunday Mornings and links to listen to our sermons from previous weeks.

Sunday’s worship service and all in-person CRC events from March 15th until May 4th are CANCELED. 

This cancellation is an effort to join with our community in the steps it is taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19. CRC response to COVID-19, please click here.

In lieu of Sunday services, a Guide for Home Worship will be distributed each Saturday evening via email. You can access the guide for this week here.